Warrior Within 2

Matt - Warrior Inside 2 - Gay Art Male Art by Michael Taggart Photography

I just love how this turned out!!  Wow!!!

I had an idea for merging two monochromatic images – in this case Black and White Matt and the Blue Gradient.  What do you think?  Like it?

Model: Matt Moe

Prints and downloads on my website – http://gay-male-art.com


17 thoughts on “Warrior Within 2

  1. WOW is right Michael!!!!!!
    The Blue Gradient is so Sleek & Stunning, just like your Gorgeous Model, as if they are merged together as one, a Spiritual feel….it must be me because I’m a Mixed Martial Arts fan…..but this Amazing Photo stirs all kinds of Naughty MMA Fighter Fantasies of mine in my head 😉 The Photo Title is Perfect!
    Take Care & Stay Naughty,


      • OMG Yessss, 2 HOT MMA Fighters, all Alpha Male, locked together in a cage…..on the mat, hot, sweaty, wrestling, grappling with each other, Mmmm body to body putting submission holds on each other…..****fanning myself****Ohhhhh yessssss I have all kinds of Hot Fantasties about that 😉 LOL
        Actually I just found a GREAT new Author from the Group, Brad Vance, OMG his Books are sooooo Smokin’ Hot, one of those Books I read was “Eddie’s MMA Submission (Gay MMA Octagon Rough Erotica)” WooHoo cold shower time!!! ROFL 😉
        I’m soooo Naughty Michael!! 😉 LOL


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  3. Yes, I,m to be congruent the tittle photo is completely perfect. This photo remembers to me strong beautiful statues of ancient Greece! I love this, yes I love.


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