Torches – flower art by Michael Taggart Photography

Torches - flower art - by Michael Taggart Photography

I don’t always do models.  Sometimes I do some flower / plant art as well.

I started out doing this for my Mom – she’s not a big fan of my model work – but she loves her flowers!  {g}

Anyway, I took this picture and the barely opening flowers reminded me of torches.  So that is how I edited it. : )

I’ve switched my theme around a bit so I have more room to occasionally post non-model art.  The old theme had one big picture with the latest post.

If someone new came to my site expecting to see some male art and instead saw a flower or a kitten then would leave disappointed.  Now they can see more than one post and hopefully stick around and enjoy my work.

Let me know what you think about the new theme and if you have any suggestions.  Thanks!!

Prints and downloads on my website –

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10 thoughts on “Torches – flower art by Michael Taggart Photography

  1. Hi michael…you do flowers they are every bit as sensual as you erotic male art….at the center of your work is the capacity to see and capture beauty….I am always inspired by your work…my work has changed significantly. I am working in watercolors….photographing the image and then digitally re master them in darkroom programs….


  2. My Mom don’t like model works, but she’s mad for her flowers! I like both. This photo is beautiful and she would like it. I saved this for her. Thank you for this.


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