On “A Time For Silence”

Allen wrote a poem based on A Time for Silence. How cool is that!??!?!

Poetry When It Comes

In a photograph by Michael Taggart,

the model, Trevor, light-skinned and white blond,

leans forward, nude, arms crossed on a cushion,

neither tense nor completely at ease,

hands curled into fists, but loosely, not clinched.

His left arm, over his right, blocks his mouth,

but despite the partly hidden face

and the total stillness of his pose,

his grey-blue eyes express depth of though

and of emotion, hint at experience

perhaps beyond his years, although it hasn’t

etched yet its tracks into his taut smooth skin.

“I understand exactly what you mean,”

those eyes say to the object of his gaze,

“but I still doubt the sincerity

of your stated intentions, the validity

of the assumptions that you’re making.

You don’t know my story, and I question

whether you’re the one I want to hear it.”


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper

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