17 thoughts on “Thinking about a flower blog

  1. I think that’s a Great idea Michael, you do have an eye for Beauty….I would definitely be a Fan!!….flowers, scenery, cats (I’m a doggie person myself 🙂 ,shadows, silhouettes, reflections.
    Take Care & Stay Naughty,


  2. Yes, please! Love your kitties. Your flower photography is very inspiring as well 🙂 Feel free to include any other interests or photos as well. I think it will be fun!


      • Ah, I’ve already visited and admired the photos on that site 🙂 Didn’t realise it was yours. Great to know. I will be following with interest. And, I sort of understand the different statistics of your two blogs 🙂 I’m sure both of them have a great audience. See you around!


  3. Yes, I think it’s a good idea to have some diversity in your art work and a separate site for it. I do enjoy your approach to your subjects and have visited your other site, as well.
    Personally, I’ve always been drawn to portraiture and figurative work and it took me a long time to understand that a still life is often preferable to a nude in the art world, unless the portrait or nude happens to be one of a widely known or popular personality.
    “Der Zeit ithre Kunst [ To each time its art
    Der Kunst ithre Freiheit” To that art, its freedom ]
    Inscription on Olbrich’s Sezession Building, Vienna


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