9 thoughts on “My helpers!

  1. Very Beautiful Kitties Michael, love their coloring, I bet they’d make for some entertaining photos???How old are they? LOL, It LQQks like your Kitties weigh more then My Lil’Babies 🙂
    My Kiddies get separation anxiety if I have to leave. OMG I couldn’t even image what they would be like if we took a vacation. Thank God our backyard is like a vacation; inground pool, separate hottub, music, tv…& of course the Pups 🙂
    Have a Great time on your Vacation….you my find your Kitties as stowaways. LOL
    Take Care & Stay Naughty,


    • Halo is 2 (she’s the one on the lower right), Bermuda is 3 and he’s the black and white one. We have one more – Simba – and he’s 10. They are all really glad we are back! We got in late last night and everyone was wanting their love and attention. : )


  2. Oh, cats! We (Persians) like and reverence cats, but we permit them to attend in our lives no much.


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