13 thoughts on “Winner of Sexiest Man Contest

  1. I actually had to do a double-take when I saw this photo…..I’m gonna say that I couldn’t possibly vote for him because he LQQks soooo much like my stepson that it freaked me out….that would be just all kinds of wrong to vote for my stepson look-a-like in a Sexiest Man Contest.
    But LOL now there’s almost a 20 years age difference between Hubby & I….sooooo I could easily vote for a few of my stepson’ s friends in such a Contest. ROFL I’m soooo Bad!!!!!
    Take Care & Stay Naughty,


      • LOL I know, that’s why I did a double take when I LQQked at the photo….there’s no way I can think of my stepson as sexy….now a couple of his Friends???? That’s another story 😉 ***slaps typing hand*** Bad Renee’!!! 😉 LOL


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