Wings for Heaven – gay art male art by Michael Taggart Photography

A Wish for Wings - Gay Art Male Art by Michael Taggart Photography

I got a tragic email from one of my fans – G Mann – who let me know his grandson had been found dead.

His family was having a very rough time with everything.

He asked if I had a picture to post with wings and someone heading to heaven.  This isn’t perfectly what he wanted – but I hope you will take a moment and send your thoughts / prayers / support to him and his family.

Thanks You


Model:  Drew Martan

Prints and downloads on my website –

14 thoughts on “Wings for Heaven – gay art male art by Michael Taggart Photography

  1. So sad to read your post, for a grandparent to loose a grand child is heart breaking. Send good vibes and they in my thoughts. Ivan


  2. Michael,
    My Deepest Sympathy goes out to your Fan & His Family at this very tragic time. Loss is always difficult enough to deal with, but it’s especially hard when your Loved One is young & also unexpected. Sending Thoughts, Prayers & Strength to the Family in their time of need.
    You selected an Amazing, Heart-Felt Photo Michael; a Beautiful Angel looking to Heaven as a welcoming peaceful light shines down.
    With Loving Thoughts & Prayers, Renee’


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  4. Michael, that is so very heart breaking. I will definitely keep him and his family in my thoughts and prayers.

    I think you chose an excellent photo as well. Please send him our warm, comforting wishes.


  5. An excellent fantastic pic. An angel with the lucid wings, ready to flying to heaven…! I like the cloudy, shadows-lights background also. Of course in first look, I thought he was Angel Michael in Legion movie, but no…! However thank you for this good result.


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