Heaven – gay art male art by Michael Taggart Photography

Contemplative Handsome Man

Heaven   -  Gay Art Male Art by Michael Taggart Photography

I grew up Pentecostal – and I’m gay – so I’m totally kicked out of heaven. Bar the door – throw away the key – get the hell out!It was a rough time coming to terms with the way I grew up and the man I was becoming. I’d always had a close relationship with god and fortunately I realized one day that I still had that. The higher power in my life was still there and still loved me.

Over time I’ve ceased to think of heaven as some mystical place we get to when we die – but rather it is all around me all the time. I’m most aware of it in the quiet moments.
When my cat wakes me up with his snoring.
When Harold falls asleep on the couch and I cover him up with the blanket and put away his glasses
When I watch a great movie or read a great book that makes me think about life a new way.
And always always always when I’m grateful.

So that is what I wanted to capture with this picture. A heavenly guy having a quiet heavenly moment.

I hope you have a bit of heaven in your life today.

: ) Michael

Prints and downloads on my website – http://gay-male-art.com

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