His Older Brother – gay art male art by Michael Taggart Photography

Nude Young Man

His Older Brother -  Gay Art Male Art by Michael Taggart Photography

When I was a kid, my best friend had an amazing older brother. To the young me he was practically perfect.
One day I was spending the night at Joe’s house and I got up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. I saw his older brother in the kitchen totally naked.I just stared at him for like a minute before he saw me.He got this big grin and asked me if I wanted a sandwich. I wasn’t shy – I said Yes!He made a killer sandwich – cut it in 2 and gave me half. We talked for a few minutes while we were eating and then I went back to bed.

It was a totally cool and amazing moment that I’ve always remembered. : )

Prints and downloads on my website – http://gay-male-art.com

15 thoughts on “His Older Brother – gay art male art by Michael Taggart Photography

  1. He’s absolutely awesome. I wish I could suck and swallow all he’s got. Great story about Joe’s brother too. Do you remember how old the brother was? He must have had great control in order to not make a play for you.


  2. Interesting post ; I have several homoerotic, early memories that are indelibly etched in the furrows of my mind, as well. For me, there is always a certain, valid beauty, in these intense and unrequited, early attractions.
    Or as Arthur Symons has said :
    “Art begins when a man wishes to immortalize the most vivid moment he has ever lived. Life has already, to one not an artist, become art in that moment. And the making of one’s life into art is after all the first duty and privilege of every man.”


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