The Men – gay art male art by Michael Taggart Photography

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The Men - promo  - Gay Art Male Art by Michael Taggart Photography

Publication Date: April 30, 2012
“The Men” is a collection of images and words that follows Michael Taggart’s journey as he developed his photography and PhotoShop skills to create the unique and vivid artwork that he is now recognized for throughout the world wide web.

Michael creates composites using the models in a studio setting and combining them in PhotoShop to create different scenes. This gives the ordinary photo a story, texture and history that makes it much more interesting and creates an entire fantasy world.

This book follows his journey from his first attempts at creating story worlds and continues through to his Photoshop mastery. The 141 images within cover 7 models and includes such web favorites as “Hitchhiker”, “Fallen Angel”, “Dragon Hunter” and “Alter Boy”.

Michael, a self-taught photographer, also gives his thoughts about the artwork as well as tips for beginning photographers.

Michael’s Amazon Shop

This is a large photobook – 193 pages – 141 pictures – so it may take a couple minutes to download.

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